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First day 1948

WELCOME to the Ottershaw School Old Boys' Society website which has been created for anyone who went to or has an interest in Ottershaw School which opened 1948 and closed 1980 - more.

 Annual or life membership of the Ottershaw School Old Boys' Society (OSOBS) is open to all ex-pupils and staff at the school during any time of its existence.

For any questions or matters relating to membership, please click here to contact Nigel Wright our Membership Secretary.

Important website changes:

All old boys and OSOBS members please click here to see how they affect you.

Our new members only pages can be accessed from here

Draft minutes from 2014 AGM now available to members from here

Some interesting winter shots of rhe mansion are here

The 1960s Old Boys Group met for their sixth annual event on Friday 17th July.  Click here to read more.

We now have a virtually complete set of school photos in our Gallery - to enlarge click on the name of the photo not the picture and select "original".

The 2015 Tom Weston Cricket Day will be held on Wedesday 2nd September for Worcester v Sussex at Worcestershire CCC - Click here for more information.

A book of the history of Ottershaw Park by John Athersuch is available from here

Are you part of an Old Boys' group?  Or do you meet with other Old Boys? If so then why not create a page on our website to tell others of your activities? If you would like to create a page please click here to contact our moderator who will then contact you and help guide you through the process.

If you want to register to use our forum please click here to read our terms and conditions

Run Like a Stag  - Click here to go directly to the Run Like a Stag page or to place an order for the book about the school.

Please Note : On this site, "OT" is used to refer to people from the the first intake in 1948 to 1967 then "OTT" for people from 1967 to 1979, i.e. the last intake. We know that everyone in reallity was an "OTT" but the society uses this convention to help identify people with the same number from the early and later times of the school more easily.


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PLEASE NOTE : Due to the moderator tavelling, the site will not be updated between Saturday 29th August and Friday 4th September. This means events may continue to be advertised after their actual date. Other site infomation could also become outdated. No applications for using the forum will be answered during that time. The site will be updated again as soon as possible after 2nd September.

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