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First day 1948

News flash

We recently learned of the deaths of the follwing three OSOBS members

OT 252 - Ian Rogers - West:        ​OT 266 - Peter Yarwood - East:      ​OT 11 -  Tony Moseling - East

We are saddened to learn of the death of  Bill Minett – OT 317 of North House we believe on Sunday, 1 April in Victoria, Australia.   He had been suffering Oesophageal cancer, which had spread rapidly apparently.
Bill became North House and School Captain in 1958
Further details can be made by contacting Peter Jones on
Due to website development issues, we will not be adding content to the OSOBS site for a few weeks apart from important or critical notices.


Old Boy Location Service

Nick Roberts (OT695 - North) is trying to locate several old friends:
Sean Fetherstonhaugh (OT674 North),  Peter & Tim Hill (OT682 & 756 - North), Chris Palmer (OT692 East)
Andrew Brander (OT665 North),  Roy Parkinson (OT734 West),  Jim Pennington (OT710 North)
and Dave Edwards (OT 620 North).

Pete Neve (OT644 North) is trying to locate Peter Ridley (OT648 Tulk).

Alastair Johnstone, OT264 would like to contact Andrew Sawyer  (OT 255 East)
We have been asked to look for the following Old Boys - do you know where they are?
OT843 Paul BIANCO - West​             -   OTT235 Charlie BAINBRIDGE Tulk
OTT242 Steven BAINBRIDGE East    -    OTT286 Timothy THORNTON East.
If you know of any of them or their whereabouts please click here to let us know.
Also we are hoping to regain contact with these Members who have either moved or changed their contact details:
OT539 James MONOOGIAN West    -   OT672 Richard EMBERSON East    -   OTT175 Marcus HENKE Tulk    -    OTT225 Peter SOUTHEY West   -   OTT230 Mark WADE Tulk. 
If you can give us some contact details please click here to inform the membership secretary.


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