1 - The first Intake 1948

1 - The first Intake 1948 We are not too sure when this photo was taken - can anyone verify the year? Thanks Moderator.  


year of first intake photo

1948 My name is David Greenland School number ott 17 3rd row 3rd from left ( next to Colin Smith) I am now 76 years old, retired and living in Australia I am looking at the same photo as I am typing this Regards David Greenland 8th Feb 2012


David, Good to hear that you have an interest in the old School. Any chance of contacting us via the contact page as the Secretary would like to liase with you on your memories

I believe it to be the first

I believe it to be the first school photo but it was taken in the summer term of 1950 and thus was the first and second entry (1948 &1949) plus the few who joined in January and May 1950.  It thus covered numbers up to OT135.  I am not aware of an earlier photo which just covered the 1948 entry. All the best  Chris Roberts  OT110  

Comment by David Greenland OT

Comment by David Greenland OT 17 As seen from my number I was in the first intake Sept 1948 . The photo marked first intake ? Is correct for 1948. I am now 80 years old and live in Seaford Victoria Australia. I see from the OSOBS pages that our ranks are getting rather thin.