Mr Kurtz he dead!

Summer 1975 on the roof of the Mansion above East House Dorms The photo captures the scene immediate post our English Literature `O` Level exam where Joseph Conrad`s Heart of Darkness was one of the books. With classic lines such as "The horror! The horror!" and "Mr Kurtz he dead".  Actually not a bad book and I still have my original copy. 4 year after this photo, and do doubt inspired by it, Francis Ford Coppola released Apocalypse Now a Vietnam war movie based upon the same book. Cast list:- Eating the book - Tim Thornton OTT286 Ripping up the book - Nigel Goldstein OTT311 Pretending to Pee on the books - Neal Christie OTT350 Pretending to cut his wrist - Richard Smith   NB: No books were harmed in the creation of this photograph Just for the record the Shakespear in 1975 was Henry V Part II.   PS: I got a grade B