1964Click on "Original" to supersize this picture. As you can see we are mising a small part of the 1964 photo. If you have a copy please let us know so we can literally "complete the picture" many thanks - Moderator


1964 photo

I have a 'good' original -- my copy has a printing error across Harry Burrow's face (sorry, no slur on my Housemaster) but doesn't have the stain or the gap as shown on the website's original. If someone would like to contact me to say that you've either sorted this now or how you would like to scan my copy...... Peter White OT 658

Many thanks for the offer -

Many thanks for the offer - if using a flatbed scanner please scan at 400dpi in grey scale. Rather than post all the sections youurself I can put them together again on the web as a single photo as for 1966 please use the contact page for the email addddress to send material. If you prefer you can contact me at "josh in spain at telefonica . net" (please eleimate the spaces and replace "at" with the normal symbol - have to do this to prevent spam).


Many thanks to Peter White and Peter Gay for sending me parts of the 1964 photo. Between all the bits I have been able to assemble a pretty good copy but I think a further improved copy will be available quite soon. Moderator.