OSOBS Website

Domain Change History

The OSOBS web site has been in existence since 2001. We have two domain names registered, www.osobs.co.uk AND www.ososb.com. Both of these names now point to this website.

The first OSOBS site was designed and run by Old Boy Andrew Goolding (West House) of ALGL Internet http://www.aglg.com. However the material from this site is still available to view - click here to view the contents

An archived but incomplete view of the entire old site can be seen at http://web.archive.org/web/*/

The last site was implemented in May 2006 and was designed and run by Old Boy Greg Kendall (North House) of Kendall Internet. http://www.kendallinternet.co.uk

Since Greg religuished his role due to pressure of work, we have found a new man Mike King of Redroom.co.uk (now of GIR Project Management) and thank him for all his sterling efforts to get this site up and running.