Androcles and the Lion - 1964

Androcles and the Lion - 1964

Kindly supplied by Roger Chesher OT 666 North -
He believes the people in the photo are as follows: --
Far left on stool - Field, top row left - Field, blank, Purcell 646,  Springett 595, Measure 583, -
Bottom row kneeling,far right - Wight 552, to his left in white tunic - Liggins 639.-
If you know any more please let us know.-


That stool

The stool in the picture was borrowed from the North House prefects' (maybe the school prefects') common room. It was used again a couple of years later as a prop for another play (can't remember which though) but when doing some painting on stage for Mr Furlonger I managed to cover it with white paint. My punishment was to then repaint the top of the stool several times over until the prefects deemed they were "satisfied" - cost me a small fortune in paint and sandpaper!