This is a list of deaths which have been notified to OSOBS 

The events listed are in reverse date order starting with the latest. Full obituaries for many of these people can be found in past editions of The Gazette.

This page is constantly under review and may not be completely up to date so if you are aware of information that should be added here please let us know by clicking here.

A list of OSOBS members and others who are known to have died in school number order can be found by clicking here.

More recent announcements:

David Noaks - OT 282 - West
David died on the morning of 25 November 2017. He was a strong member of the swimming team with many victories individually and in matches against other schools and swimming clubs. In 1958 he was part of the winning Senior medley relay team in the Surrey Grammar Schools Gala setting a new record time. David was a fine gymnast and one of the brightest boys of his era academically. His funeral was on Thursday, 14 December at Easthampstead Crematorium, Bracknell. An obituary will appear in the next Gazette.

Major General Ian Baxter - OT 183 - North
We have been informed by some Old Boys that an obituary appeared in the 22 November edition of The Daily Telegraph announcing the death of Major General Ian Baxter who has died aged 80. He played a key role with the Commando Forces Royal Marines during the Falklands Campaign.

Peter Fusco - OTT 437 - East
We are sadly indebted to Mark Plummer OTT415, who has just informed us of the death of Peter Fusco on 22 September, aged only 57. Peter was not an OSOBS member but there may be members who remember him, or indeed his brother.   Peter joined East House on 7 January 1974, whilst his brother OTT654 joined West House on 12 September 1977. OSOBS will be advised of the funeral date as and when it is fixed but his widow is hoping for 17 October.

Peter Curtis - Biology teacher 1967 to 1980 (Obituary - The Gazette 66)
We have recently been informed that Peter Curtis passed away peacefully on 30th April 2017 aged 79.   He was a biology teacher at the school from January 1967 until the school closed. Since leaving the school he taught in Dorking for a while and then retired, moving to Spain for 20 years. He returned to Surrey in 2008 and then in 2014 he moved to Norfolk to be closer to family.  In recent years he was taken for drives around Ottershaw Park so he could reminisce and tell stories.  He loved his time teaching at the school and all the activities that he was involved in included the ATC and Young Farmers club.  His children grew up in the park and share lots of happy memories.

Ian Campbell Purves-Hume - OT 223 - West
We have been informed of the sad news that Ian died on 30 August, aged 79. Ian lived in Dewartown, Midlothian where he died peacefully, at home, with his family. There will be a service at 2:00 pm, at Crichton Church, Crichton, on 8th September.  Donations to CHSS. Obituaries can the found in both The Times and The Scotsman

Roger King - OT 882 - North (Obituary - The Gazette 66)
We learned recently that Roger died suddenly in later March 2017 whilst on holiday in Majorca with friends. He was later cremated there. No further details are available at the moment..

John Benson - OT290 - West  (Obituary - The Gazette 65)
We have just been informed of the death of John Benson OT290 on Sunday, 15th January 2017. John was a very keen supporter of OSOBS and he and Mary attended the last AGM.

Stuart Crichton - OT 899 - West
We are saddened to learn of the death of  Stuart 22 November 2016 aged 64. He left Ottershaw to become a civil engineer, eventually specialising in oil structures. He subsequently changed careers into financial management and was the financial director of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Unfortunately he developed a rare spinal tumour, but faced his treatment and progress with great fortitude. He enjoyed a very happy marriage to Jane and for the last 25 years had lived next to Richmond Park and been an active part of the local community.

John Oecken - master (Tributes - The Gazette 65)
John Oecken, a former master at Ottershaw passed away peacefully on the 10 October 2016 in Worthing Hospital, aged 89. He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends. The funeral service will take place at 12:20 p.m. on Friday 21 October 2016  at Worthing Crematorium. 

Norman KEITH Douglas - Tulk Housemaster (Tributes - Gazette 65)
Keith taught Chemistry at the school from the early seventies until the closure and passed away on 11th September 2016. Keith fought tirelesslty to improve the community of Standish and had spent his life since retirement campaigning energetically to nurture and improve it. He was referred to as Mr Standish,

Chris Wiliams - OT 324 - West
We have been advised of the death on 12 July 2016 of Chris Williams OT324 in California. Chris was in West House from 1953 to 1957 and there is a link to his Obituary here

Michael Beddoe - OT 482 -West
We have been advised of the death on 13 June 2016 of Michael Beddoe OT482. He was not an OSOBS member but his brother Robin is a member and was good enough to inform us of the loss of his brother.

Allan Dodds -  Headmaster 1964 to 1980  -  (Obituary - The Gazette 63)
It is with great sadness that we announce here the death of Allan Dodds who died peacefully early on 8th March 2016The funeral was at the East Chapel at Southampton Crematorium, Bassett Green Road   Southampton. SO16 3QB at 11.45am on Wednesday, 23rd March followed by a reception.

Gordon Allonby - OT 33 - East  -  (Obituary - The Gazette 63)
We received the sad news of Gordon Allonby's death on December 15th 2015. He had fought bravely against cancer for some 14 years. A memorial service was held for him at  Chatham in Kent on 7th January attended by many family and friends. As we were unaware of this, unfortunately no Ottershaw Old Boys were in attendance.

Barry West - OT 172 - North -  (Obituary - The Gazette 62)
We are very sad to report that Barry West died overnight on Monday 27 July.  It was a peaceful passing after a long battle against leukaemia. Barry served with SOAF/RAFO from 1970 to 1979 and shortly afterwards as an active member of the Association's committee.  Details of his funeral will be forwarded when known. Barry was a Life Member of OSOBS and entered North House in January 1951.

David Black - OT 292 - West -  (Obituary - The Gazette 62)
We have been informed of the sad news of the death of David Black,  about whom an article appears in the current edition of The Gazette.  His wife, Anna, has asked us to publicise the details of the forthcoming funeral and would be happy for anyone who remembers David to be there. The funeral will take place at 11am on Friday 19 June at St Matthews  Church, 7 North Common Road, Ealing, London W5 2QR. (There is plenty of parking around the common.) The church service will be followed by a burial seven minutes' drive away at Gunnersbury Cemetery, 143 Gunnersbury Avenue, Acton, London W3 8LE. All who wish are welcome to attend.

Mike Moon -  OT 409 North -  (Obituary - The Gazette 62)
After nearly two years of failing health through Alzheimer’s and  vascular dementia, Mike died on 25 May this year. Sheila was his carer for all bar the last two months of his life.

Thomas Fillans (Tom) Kennedy
Tom passed away on Christmas Eve, 24 December 2014. He was at Ottershaw from 1950-51 and taught Science and Social Science and was in charge of the Young Farmers' Club. More about him here.

Ralph Taylor - OT 509 - West
Ralph's brother Paul, contacted me today to say he had died saying that Ralph stayed single all his life living with his parents and had a quiet time. His funeral is at 2:15 pm on 4th February at the Guildford Crematorium.

Robert Chapman - OT 96 - North
We regret to inform you of the death this morning of  Robert Chapman.

Glynn Burch - OT 90 - West -  (Obituary - The Gazette 61)
Glynn passed away on New Year’s Eve 2014, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading. He always enjoyed his contacts with OSOBS over the years, and also contributed to “Run Like a Stag”.

Richard Candlin
Richard taught physics at the school and died on 7th October 2014 aged 90. He was well known for his enthusiasm for sailing.

Reginald Rossiter OT 187 East
Reg was a former head-boy and captain of the rugby team at Ottershaw. He passed away on 3/10/2014.

OT 387 Derek Bassett -  (Obituary - The Gazette 60)
We regret to inform you of the death on 30 April 2014 of OT138 Derek Lawrence Bassett (not to be confused with OT387 Derek ‘Bertie’ Bassett).  His death was reported in the  Surrey Advertiser. He was in North House and had the nickname ‘Sleepy’.

Dr Tony Blowers CBE JP. -  (Obituary - The Gazette 60)
We regret to inform you of the death on 29 March of Dr Tony Blowers CBE JP. He was the father of 2 Ottershaw boys, Chairman of the Board of Governors in 1980, an Honorary member of OSOBS and a good friend to many old boys at that time and since.  He has been suffering with Alzheimer’s for some time and died in a nursing home.

Howard Aldridge -  (Obituary - The Gazette 61)
We were informed on 8/12/2013, that Howard Aldridge (OT 136) had died on the previous Friday. More

Roger Mitchell Robert (aka Percy) Page -  (Obituary - The Gazette 60)
12 January 1937 – 5 November 2013  -  OT 123 North House (September 1949 – July 1954)

Dennis Williams -  (Obituary - The Gazette 59)
After an heroic fight of some 2 years, our friend Dennis died at his home on Wednesday 18th September 2013 in London last Wednesday evening. He had enjoyed an extended period of remission from cancer also enduring major heart surgery.

Ronan Graeme Robertson - OT 414 North -  (Obituary - The Gazette 58)
In July we received the news of the death of Ottershaw Old Boy Ronan Graeme Robertson, who normally went by the name of Graeme. He was diagnosed with a hereditary condition which gradually deprived him of his mobility.  He lived a quiet and withdrawn life until he died suddenly on 8th July 2013.

Neil Webster OT 876
We have been advised that Neil Webster of East House died 20th April 2013.

Roger  Marjoribanks -  (Obituary - The Gazette 57)
It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of Roger Majoribanks on 28 February 2013.  He was a stalwart of the staff for six years, before returning to teach at Emanuel School just before the closure of Ottershaw in 1980.  Prior to that decision, Roger was a prime mover in the campaign to save the school.

Mark Steer (OTT 257) -  (Obituary - The Gazette 56)
Mark died after short illness on  9 August 2012.  He started attending Ottershaw School in September 1952 and, after gaining 9 GCE ‘O’ level passes, left in 1955, still only 15 years of age.  An East House boy, Mark was well liked for his spontaneity and enthusiasm on the games field.   As an outstanding cross-country runner, Mark won the junior cross-country in 1954 and ran in the school team which won matches against Eton and Raynes Park Grammar School.  He attributed his excellent good conduct record to his ability never to be caught!  He appeared with success in the school play The Importance Of Being Ernest.

John Derrick - Teacher -  (Obituary - The Gazette 55)
He was at the School from 1957 – 1962 and in charge of Mathematics, Chess Club, Junior Rugby & Cricket Teams. His wife reported that their days at Ottershaw were some of the happiest in their lives.

Andrew Turner (OTT 109) -  (Obituary - The Gazette 55)
Andrew attended Ottershaw School from 1968 to 1971 and was in North House. He succumbed to lung cancer just before 7pm on Christmas Eve 2011.

Peter Rowell (OT 592)  -  (Obituary - The Gazette 54)
Peter died on 18 May 2011 following a long battle with leukemia. Always an enthusiast and a keen sportsman, he won places in the First XI soccer team as a sound goalkeeper, and the First XV and First XI rugby and cricket teams.

Peter Glucksman - East House 1948 - 1954
We regret to report the death of Peter Glucksman OT 44 on 12 August 2011 in Nassau, Bahamas. He was one of the ‘Pioneers’, being one of the original intake in September 1948.

Mrs D.B.Pink
Passed away 12th April 2011 she had been a very active member in the last few days of the schools existence.

Michael Donovan Cross (OT 99) -  (Obituary - The Gazette 53)
Michael died peacefully in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital on 27 November 2010 in the 75th year of his age. It was a merciful release from a protracted fight against diabetes, which had already resulted in the amputation of both his legs.

Denys Hall -  (Obituary - The Gazette 53)
We were sad to learn of the death of the former Geography teacher and House Master (East), Denys Hall on 14 September 2010. Denys Hall joined Ottershaw in September, 1951. Already an experienced schoolmaster – he had taught for several years in South Africa. As many Old Boys will know, Denys remained at Ottershaw until he retired, shortly before the School closed in 1980. The Log Cabin will always be associated with him, and his teaching of Geography and much else.

Colonel John Robert Collins OBE
OT 204, later Colonel John Robert Collins OBE, died on 14 April 2010. He was a quiet, thinking man and usually saved his opinion until last. Rarely was it confrontational, but invariably it made common sense with a touch of humour added. He enjoyed having his leg pulled; he was tall and slender, and Mr Buttery affectionately dubbed him “a pumped-up bootlace”. John loved it. From those early days at school John was recognised as a person of fine qualities, he was kind and considerate, rarely raised his voice, always had sound advice for his colleagues and was hugely respected by those who worked for him. His distinguished career and achievements were a great credit to Ottershaw.

Michael Wicks OT368 
Michael of West House 1954–1959 died on 28 November 2009. In his schooldays he was noted for his athletics, music as a violinist and double bass player and in particular in drama for a fine performance as Sir Peter Teazle in A School for Scandal in his final year at Ottershaw.

Neville Sanders Mann (OT 315)
He came to Ottershaw in 1953 and was a member of West House and died in Antarctica in 1963.  He took a dog team out onto the sea ice, in good weather, to exercise them.  Unfortunately a blizzard and white out blew up suddenly, as happens in the Antarctic.  The sea ice separated from the land and was blown out to sea, preventing the team from returning to base.  His body was never recovered.

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N.B. In the above, OT is from the the first intake in 1948 to 1967 then OTT is from 1967 to 1979, i.e. the last intake. We know that everyone in reality was an OTT but the society uses this convention to help identify people with the same number from the early and later times of the school more easily.