Cricket Team 1966

Cricket Team 1966Photo supplied by Peter Gay (OTT 799 North) who appears in this shot on the far left. We think the people are as follows: From L to R, standing - Peter Gay 799, A Jacobsen 728, A Suddaby 701, Andy Johnson 685, David Hillier 757, M Williams 825, A Courtness 718 ? Sitting - Charles Suddaby 739, P Rigby 694, D Squire 654, Steve Blightman 745, D Purcell 646? If you can confirm this please let us know.


Cricket Team 1966

A Courtness 718 ? no this is simon perry fast bowler west house ott about 850 odd


Correct......Simon was still in the under 15 age group when selected. We needed strength in our bowling attack and he did a great job for the team. Unfortunately our vice captain P.Rigby lost his bowling action and needed to be replaced. David Squire