On Elgar Balcony Early 1960s

On Elgar Balcony Early 1960s

Photo supplied by Jimmy Turner


Nick Roberts added the following:

The boy second from the left is Gordon Harrison-Ball 604. The furthest right is Peter Hill 682 nickname Cosh Boy. Gordon lived in Salfords near me and I spent time with Peter and his brother Tim at their mother's house in Surbiton. Andy Brander also lived in the area. Where are they now?

Comment by Jimmy Turner

Nick is correct. Patrick Rous, Harrison Ball, Me, then it gets tricky. Derek Measure was not in that dormitory.The chap second from right had a rib cage deformity and also asthma.Harrison Ball was in the 1963 Ist XV rugby team, first row second from right.He wasn't in the 1964 team because he had left school by then, I think- never knew why he left the school?   The boy next to me was a very good cross-country runner and number 6 was also in the 1964 Ist XV Rugby Team, back row, third from left. Name? Partly oriental. Featherstone-Haw was on the back row first left.I am front row first left. Best wishes,Jimmy  

Corrections by Roger Chesher 666

From left to right,
P. Rouse 602,
G. Harrison-Ball 604,
A Turner 598,
P. Parsons (Drac) 587,
J. Hebblethwaite 534,
R. Jones 637,
G. Roberts 589,
P. Hill 682