Tom Weston's Birthday

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 12:00
Near Malvern
     Tom Weston's actual 90th Birthday was on January 15th.
     Please send any cards and letters to Tom at:
         1 Hanley Orchard,
          Hanley Swann,
          WR8 0DS
     A lunch has been arranged to celebrate near his home near Malvern which will take place at "The Marlbank Inn" on Wednesday 31st January. Time from 12:00 hrs.

The tel: no. for The Marlbank is 01684 310603 and website is  It is on the A4104, about a mile west of the village of Welland and less than 3 miles from Hanley Swan, where Tom lives.  There is good parking and they do offer B&B. Anyone wishing to take advantage of that would probably get all the details from the website.

A choice of menus will be available from Peter Jones beforehand that are aiming at a price of £25.00 for 3 courses including coffee, with a possible subsidy from OSOBS funds.  The drinks will be run on a tab basis over the bar, including wine with the meal. 

All arrangements are being made through Peter so please contact him to indicate your interest so he can collect numbers – and money!!

+44 2381 843 006 or