1960s Old Boys (formerly Oetts Boys)

In 2010 a group of ex north house puplis from the 1960s met up for the first time in 40 years. It is hoped this group will expand and meet on a regular basis. If you were in North House in the 1960s please consider joining us. We meet at Godstone in July - the date in 2011 still to be decided.

North House 1964 - 1970

I was surfing the internet and came across the web page about ex North House pupils my number was 875 Mr Oettinger was my house master for 3 years then Mr Weston. would be good to hear from some one from yhat era. I am now living in Thailand , have been here for 6 years plus Regards David Vincent

Hello David

I was in North House and Oettinger was my housemaster also. I was there 1960 -66. I am regularly in Thailand and am I trying to learn Thai. My son has just got engaged to a Thai girl. We will be in BKK and Chiang Mai later this year - could be fun to catch up. regards Steve

Thailand And Chiangmai

yes it would be nice to meet up e-mail me on djvincent@ymail.com and I will give you my contact details Regards, David Vincent

looking for

Any one out there know of where the scourge of West House Melvin Palmer and his side kick Cutler may be these days?

Hey Farley

Saw your post about Melvin and Cutler. I don't recall Melvin but I remember Cutler (Paul.....right?). Your name popped back into my head. I remember staying with you and your family one weekend in '71. I'm back in Canada these days.

Oetts Boys 2011 meeting

Hi  - This is simply to let you know there will be a meeting of "Oetts Boys" in mid July. “Oetts Boys” are simply an informal group of people from North House and from the 1960s who decided to meet up last year and who now wish to repeat the occasion.  The venue will be the White Heart at Godstone which is just off the M25 and close to the M23. The exact date is still to be finalised but expected to be between 15th and 28th July. Please contact me at joshintheuk(at)onetel.com if you would like to know more. (change the (at) to the @ symbol)

Oetts Boys Meeting Date Confirmed

The date for Oetts Boys 2011 meeting will be Thursday 21st July - The venue is the White Hart at Godstone - time for arrival yet to be decided - early aftenoon seems popular but I will confirm very soon.

If you were in North House in the 1960s with Mr Oettinger as your housmaster then please feel free to come along.

Oett's Boys 2011

We have now agreed that the gathering will start in the mid aftenoon - Some will be arriving around 3:30pm and some a little later with others not expected until earlier in the evening..

Oett's boys

I hope to attend the White Heart gathering - family commitments permitting. Thanks to everyone for arranging this. John Chapman (Ottershaw 841, North House 1964-1970)

Oett's Boys may need to change name

We now expect that we will have a another "mansionite" at our gathering, this time a person from East house but from the same mid 1960s period. If you were mansion based in the mid 1960s and would like to attend please let me know (email above)  - if enough people come we may even have to change the name of our group to "Oetts and Ugs" boys!

The 2011 event

Well, thanks to the great efforts of many 1960s old boys we had quite a gathering at Godstone on July 21st 2011. This was the second meeting of this particular group and it attracted more people than last year. We all enjoyed a great afternoon chatting and later several stayed on to enjoy a meal together before eventually departing.  Already plans are afoot for the 2012 meeting where we hope even more people who were at the school in the mid 1960s will attend. The old boys who attended this time were - John Chapman, John Burrow, Roger Chesher, Roger King, Khalil Lawry, Nigel Coulson-Stevens, Nick Parsons, David Turner, Nick Roberts, David Smith and Jonathan Lovegrove.  Many thanks to David's wife Elenor for taking the photo for us.

1960s boys to meet up in 2012

Oetts Boys was the informal name given to a group of old boys who met up for the first time in 2010. We are now planning our third annual event but would like to extend our welcome to all old boys who were at the school  in the the 1960s. If you were at the school at that time and fancy meeting up with some old chums - please let us know.  We expect to meet again sometime in July but have not decided excactly where yet. If you want to join in please contact me direct at joshintheuk(at)onetel.com (simply replace the (at) with the normal symbol). 

Oetts & Ug's Boys

Hi Josh I was in East House in the mid 1960s so therefore one of Ug's boys, however Oett was my tutor and I have many memories of him and would like to join the 2012 gathering. It would be good to catch up with old boys from my era so please let me have details of the date, venue, etc. Kind regards Tony Walker OT 55 07768 776776

Love to see you at the

Love to see you at the meeting - details will be posted here very soon but please contact me via my email address as my last post above and I will send out full details to you - also have sent you an SMS.- Josh 

Like to join in the 'Oett's Boys' get together,

Have been in contact with Steve Turner over the last year or so and today also spoke to Khalil Lawry. I would like very much to come along to the July 26th meeting. Are there any specific joining instructions - ie post code for the meeting place etc. Look forward to meeting up. Best wishes Geoff Ashcroft OTT 890

Hi Geoff - You should have

Hi Geoff - You should have had a communication about this by now. If not please post a reply here - regards Josh Lovegrove

Ortt's Boys reunion 2012

Hello, Strange but also great to meet up with people not seen for so many years. Having brought the school photos for 1963 - 69 with me (and I will get them scanned and forwarded to Josh Lovegrove) I found that I didn't really need them to remember those present. The weirdest thing is that as everyone identified themselves, I was transported back to my youth and in most cases was able to recall events we were involved in. Heard some great stories as well as sad ones about some of my contemporaries. Thoroughly enjoyed the few hours spent together and rather regret that I was unable to stay to eat at The Castle (I was demoted twice from being a Prefect and Sub Prefect (wasn't it spelled Praefect?) for escaping to drink at that pub!). Thanks to those who organised the event and hopefully the next one will be as well attended. Best wishes to you all, Brian Stahelin.

I think it all went pretty well!

Having now returned to Spain I have been thinking again about our July meeting this year and feel that once again we exceeded all expectations. Not only did we have a record number of people attending, many of them new to the group, but we were treated to a visit to Ottershaw Park and the formal Gardens through the very kind hospitality of one of the residents of the mansion - an occasion which I am sure those who attended will not quickly forget. This year we well and truly needed to shed our "Oetts Boys" title as people from the rest of the school were in attendance. Again we enjoyed several hours of chat and memories, this time at The Castle in Ottershaw where many old boys used to slip off to during the evenings when supposed to be in school. The cheery greeting by the landlord "Have you ever been here before?" brought a wry smile from a few. I have already been asked is there to be another event in 2013 - and so long as the world or me do not end before then the answer is yes. If you think you would like to join a group of 1960s old boys in July 2013 then please contact me and I will add your details to our mailing list - you don't have to be an OSOBS member to attend - everyone is welcome.

so did I too

so did I too

60s old boys meeting in 2013

After the success of our 2012 meeting once again we come to the time of year to be thinking if we should hold another meeting in 2013. I have already spoken to a few of the group and it seems we would like another get together in July or August - July has normally been preferred as it does not interfere with so many holiday arrangements. Of course this year we will not have the luxury of a visit to the mansion as we had in 2012 but nevertheless it is good to meet up and in the past we have all enjoyed ourselves. So, if you are an old boy of the sixties or even a member of the staff, then why not consider joining us this year. Our initial thoughts are that we would meet at Godstone as has happened in the past as this was a convenient place for many people. Also the pub we have used seems to be able to cater well for such a gathering. An email will soon go out to all previous attenders but if you would like to be added to our list and be kept informed of our arrangments, then please contact me at "josh in the uk (at )onetel.com" - please subsittute the (at) with @ and eliminate all the spaces which are there to prevent spam abuse.    

Date Confirmed

An email was set to all those who had expressed an interest in the "1960s Old Boys Group" and from the replies it seems that we have decided a date for our 2013 meeting which will take place at "The White Hart" in Godstone on Thursday 18th July. If you were at the school in the 1960s and would like to join us, please let us know as we would be very please to see you. You do not have to be an OSOBS member to join us - all old boys and staff are welcome.

Date set for 2014 meeting

Click here for more information about our group - the next meeting will be on Thursday July 17th at "The Castle" in Ottershaw - and no doubt many will rememeber this haunt from their schooldays!

5th meeting another success

We met for the 5th time at the Castle in Ottershaw - more details of the group and our events here.

60's Group

Hi Ya'll Ian