Barry Bezodis

I have received the following letter from Sarawak VSO - 50th ANNIVERSARY OF VOLUNTARY SERVICE OVERSEAS IN SARA WAK: KUCHING 19.7. 2008 This year marks the 50th anniversary of Voluntary Service Overseas. As I am sure you know,VSO is now a world-wide organisation sending volunteers to overseas countries to share their commitment and knowledge 'and working with other similar organisations such as the American Peace Corps. Fifty years ago, however, it was a very small-scale and rather risky initiative, heavily dependent on the practical achievement of the young school-leavers who were the first volunteers and on the good-will and cooperation of the headteachers who recommended them . Amongst the very first volunteers was Barry Bezodis from Ottershaw who would have left the School in 1962. He worked in what was then still a fairly remote area of Malaysia in British North Borneo, now the state of Sabah. Against that background I wonder whether there is any possibility of trying to make contact with him through the Society? We are very anxious to be able to invite him to take part, if he can, in the 50th anniversary celebrations we are organising in Sarawak later this year. Already a number of former volunteers areplanning to go there, including the very first VSO volunteer, David Brown, who still has his outward bound ticket of 15 May 1958! Does anyone knows the where Barry can be contacted? If so please let me know at

RE: Barry Bezodis

Barry went to newcastle university from 1963 to 1966.he married jean and for years was living in essex.he may still be there.i will try to locate the christmas card address i used to have.