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About 10 years ago I decided I ought to learn to speak a little Spanish as I was going to soon marry a Spanish girl but had never been to Spain nor knew anything about the culture or language. As a result I enrolled in an adult class where for the next two years I studied with a native Spanish tutor. After I was married, the tutor and my wife became good friends as they both ended up teaching at the same adult education centre and as a result of that friendship I was introduced to her husband and we all became quite good friends - so far nothing unusual. However, one night, several years later we were invited to dinner at my former tutor's house and during the evening I was talking about my school days with her husband who is a keen vintage motorcycle collector and I mentioned the fact that a few boys from my old school had kept an old BSA motorcycle combination near the school– he replied the same thing happened at his school and asked which school I had attended - it was only then did we realise we had both been to Ottershaw and that our times there had actually overlapped. Neither of us had a memory of the other but we each knew many people that the other knew. The name of the boy is Peter Lancaster from Tulk. It’s a small world.

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This chance meeting will appeal to you then. On my first posting I went to a NATO unit in Germany. Within the first few days I met, to my considerable surprise, the rebellious Neil Webster, formerly of East House. I don't know what happened to him but, he being the dependent of a military father, he was required to relinquish the privileges and rights accorded to offspring under the age of 18. In the way that young people do neither of us kept in touch. One minute we were there, talking, eating, drinking, the next he was gone. I have thought of him often, and my searches have revealed nothing, other than a number of candidates in name.

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In reply to Lovegrove, the BSA motorcycle combo you mention was owned by Paddy Goldsmith, & we both kept "transport" locally, though not in the woods exactly! Sadly he died on his bike in 1969/70. Paddy's Dad taught History. I've now got a current (?) contact number for his brother Robin from your lists & look forward to conacting him soon! jim bickel 744

Jim Bickell

I saw a reply from Jim Bickell regarding Robin Goldsmith. Do we have a contact for Jim? Also tried Robin, but got no reply.

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I also think two guys Massey? and Nye? were involved with bikes. I seem to remember someone with a pink arm chair bolted to a sidecar frame. Who was that?