Chris (Christopher) Roberts

I am curious to find out what happened to Chris Roberts, North House, cannot remember his number but pretty sure he was in the same intake as me 1959-1965. He was a genius at Maths and Physics and I was under the impression he was going to end up in Oxford or, Cambridge University. I quite fancied his sister but that is not why I am posting this! I think his parents lived in Chertsey. James ("Jimmy") Turner OT598    

Chris Roberts

His number was 588


Hello Jim, You've found me. Indeed we were in the same intake, Autumn 1959. together in Masefield dormitory North House with Mosscrop as dormitory leader and 9 others. I can't remember everyone's name but there was David Robertson, Millar, the other Roberts, the Field twins, Patrick Rouse [I think] .  I was from Woking, not Chertsey. Jim (OTT 588) Roberts