David Coxall

Does anyone remember David Coxall, date of birth 5/5/44?

I remember him

I remember him and his brother Peter when I was at school.  Nigel Howard OT 537

I am his neice

I'm Peter's daughter. I never knew David but would like to learn more about him, if anyone has any info, memories, anecdotes...

Possibly my dad?

Hi my name is Vicki Coxall , im 26. Came accross this post and wondered do you mean David Edward John Coxall? He has two brothers Len and Peter, im afriad I do not know much more than this as he passed away 6 years ago. I dont seem to have many details of his family as although he loved them all he was terrible at staying in contact! He grew up in Chertsey I believe. Was born in 44 (I think) although his birthday was the 25th July. Might not be the person you are talking about but it seems a strange coincidence. :) Kind Reagrds Vicki

I don't think so

Hi Vicky, my uncle David passed away about 40 years ago as far as I know. It does seem a strange coincidence but even from what little I know, that fact does rule out any possibility of it being the same person. Sorry about that! And good luck with finding out any more information. :)

David Coxall

hi Michelle. I was at school with both your father and his brother. David went into commercial shipping and was lost at sea.when only a young man. He was a really great boy a school. A first class swimmer and formidable rugby player. I also knew your grandmother Mary Coxall You can email or call me on o2380 562889

David Coxall

David was North House captain, if I remember correctly, in 1960.  I remember him as being a great leader, very smartly dressed in school prefect gear and a dynamic personality.  He was a fierce boxer.  I can see him now, in my mind's eye. boxing in the school inter house comp - watched over by Frank Moodie. He won!  As did North House. Steve Keeling ot638