Francis Clive Morgan

I have received this e mail from Francis Morgans's slster, can any one help? I am trying to locate my brother who was a pupil at Ottershaw schoo; in the 1950s. His name is Francis Clive Morgan (known as Frank or Clive) from Swansea, Wales, and after school and a period of time as a newspaper reporter in Wales he emigrated to Canada. He was very successful for a number of years, but things unravel for him in the 1970s. In the 1980s he returned to the Uk and possible to other areas in Europe. Recently we saw that he had contacted "Friends reunited" in 2002 when he was trying to find a phone number for Ottershaw School. There was no return address and he has not made another contact since. His disappearance has caused much sadness to his family, particularly his son Thomas. Clive was very active in Ottershaw's sports world, captain of football and rugby teams and played on the cricket team. He was also sports' editor for the Ottershaw Weekly News. Life has not been very kind to him and I ask that anyone who might have or had contact with him over the last 20 years to contact me. Is it possible to utilize the message board, I am aware that you will have privacy issues and I would be very eager to cooperate in any way I can in order for us to follow this potential lead. Sincerely, Susan Morgan Susan Morgan 1 416 462 3691 (Toronto)