Looking for Andrew and Chrisopher Johnson

I have received the following from a Dr Bernard Leeman-: Yesterday I had an email from a Frenchman aged 64 who went to school with Christopher and Andrew Johnson and myself at Broombank School Selsey Bill 1957-8. He wanted to contact Christopher because he said he inspired him to take up ornithology. I visited Christopher and Andrew at Ottershaw in 1964 (their father was deputy head) but had no contact with them since.Do you have any contact?

Christopher and Andrew Johnson

I have just found your site. My partner, Chris Johnson, has just recently died from cancer. I, of course, am in touch with Andy. I am sure I could put you in touch with him. As you say their father was the deputy head and their mother was assistant nurse sometimes. Chris loved Ottershaw and we would often drive down just to walk around the old cricket pavilion and the woods. He had many fond memories of the school and Robey his father who helped forge his character and gave him his values.

Chris & Andy Johnson

So sorry to hear about Chris. My mother was a cousin (I think) of Olive Johnson, matron, mother of Chris and Andy & wife of Robey. My praents, Julie & Doug Hammett, my brother David and I, as children, used to visit the them during School holidays. I even once tried swimming in the freezing indoor pool, brrrh! I have very happy memories of playing Charades with Chris (who would throw himself into any part with gusto) & Andy at Christmas, on the occasions our families shared the festivities. My mother corresponded with Olive all her life but regretably my brother and I lost touch with Chris & Andy.

Andrew Johnson

Thank you. I shoud be pleased to hear from you and Andrew. My email is bntleeman@yahoo.co.uk I am director of a college in Zhengzhou, China.

looking for contact with Chris and Andy JOHNSON from Broombank

Hello, I am the referred-to Frenchman, now aged 66 ! Chris Johnson was one of my best pals at Broombank School, (I was known as "Alan", the only Frenchman in the school, some tried Froggy but I had sound arguments to have it quickly stopped) That's where I spent the year 57-58, just before being transferred to Algiers as my father was working for Total. Chris was only one year younger than I, and quite mature, he and I used to snatch any possible free time at first to play marbles on some incredible circuits we painstakingly built, then to fight each other on the chess board, and he was a hard nut to crack ; when spring came we also discovered we shared the same passion for what was then referred to as Natural Sciences, he drew the collector side of the passion in me into egg collecting, it is a shame he will ignore that this changed some of my life for good, as I indulged in ornithology forever after, became one of the youngest licensed bird ringers in France at the age of 18, later back from the USA president of the Parisian Ornithology Association. Am now retired in the South of France, still managing the local LPO chapters and hiring young kids to do what we amateurs didn't have time or sufficient knowledge to accomplish. Do remember quite well Andy also, he was a fine clear faced young boy, I wonder if I could have more details on the course of life of Chris and him, and maybe a snapshot to see how they looked like as grownups, fathers and all. Thanks for replying when time found. AJL