Midnight Outing

Duncan Hill (OTT850) and myself David Vincent (OTT875) had cycled out one Sunday. This in itself was not out of the ordinary,except at that time boys had to have passed a cycling proficiency test before being allowed out of the school grounds on their bikes. neither of us had passed nor even taken the test!! We cycled of through Ottershaw village and further and further we cycled, I guess just to get as far away from the school as we could. In the back of both our minds was to cycle on and on and never go back, at the time we both hated the school! We sped on and on but also so did the time. We realised to our horror that we would not get back in time, and our brave hearts had rather diminished to 2 frightened boys petrified of what would happen to us if we did not go back! So we found some large bushes and hid our bikes and hitch hiked back to school: We made it in the nick of time. But now we had the problem of retrieving our bikes, so one night assisted by some fellow NOrth House boys, Fletcher is the only one I can remember, we sneaked out and made our way to retrieve the bikes. On the way back we were stopped by the Police, who we begged not to report us, thankfully they just warned us to be careful on the roads at night and sent us on our way. All this was in the time Mr Oettinger was house master , so if we had been caught I dread, even now, to think what horrible punishment would have been dealt out to us! As far as I know he never found out !! quite an achievement for us! I guess not much of a story but it is still stamped deep in my memories. Maybe some others who were there at the time could add to this. Regards, David Vincent