Nigel Coulson-Stevens and others

If anyone knows the current contact details for Nigel could they let me know at "joshintheuk(at)" (replace (at) with the normal character). Nigel posted several pictures on the very first OSOBS website but alas we don't have access to these any more and it would be great if we could repost them on this site. Also if anyone posted pictures on the old site which in the ealy 2000s but which are not now on this site could they also please contact me. Finally if anyone else has pictures or material which has never been posted on any site and which would be appropriate for inclusion on this site please either use the "Create Content" section on the home page or contact me. Many thanks.

I've probably got them on my

I've probably got them on my machine if you want them Josh. (Same email address as before)

Thanks Will contact you soon

Thanks Will contact you soon - Josh