Oetts Boys get together after 43 years

For quite some time I have been a member of OSOBS and one of the reasons for joining the society was to try and track down two particular former pupils, Roger King and David Turner who were at the school, in my house (North) and who were at the time two of my best friends. However after several years in OSOBS I found nothing about either of these people despite several appeals for information over the three generations of the websites that existed over that time. During this time I did however manage to contact one other former North House person, Khalil Lawry who I had known well at school and since then we have remained in touch by occasional emails and telephone calls over several years. One day quite recently whilst talking to Khalil by telephone I happened to mention to him the name of one of the people I had been searching for and to my great surprise he indicated he knew him well – and moreover was in regular contact. I was therefore soon in possession of contact details of one of my long lost friends, Roger King, and telephoned him right away. Since then we have exchanged several emails and had many telephone conversations. Khalil mentioned he was also in contact with another of our former house-mates, Gary King (no relation to Roger) and so it was not long before the four of us planned to meet up in the summer when I would be in the UK for two months. And thus it would have remained apart from another two strange co-incidences Although not an “official” of OSOBS, I do from time to time get asked by members of the society to contact people or reply to queries where I might be able to help. One day just such an enquiry arrive in my in-box from the brother of the second person I had been trying to contact – this was quite unbelievable and after an exchange of emails I was soon able to make contact with David Turner, the second of my old friends and so it seemed my search was over. David also said he would join our get- together so now we had a group of five. We decided we all should meet up in July and soon a venue and timetable had been sorted. I think we were all quite keen to see how we all were after 43 years but then came the second of the coincidences. On the very evening before our planned get-together I was contacted by e-mail by yet another old North house boy, Nick Roberts, who said he was in contact with Nick Parsons yet another contemporary of the people already scheduled to meet up and so it was that our original group then suddenly expanded to seven. We all met up as planned at the White Hart in Godstone on 21st July 2010 and a great evening was had by all (see picture in the Gallery) – of course we have vowed to do it again sometime and I really think this time we will. If any of Oetts old boys from the mid 60s would like to join us please let us know.
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