Press cuttings just found -- you doing a 2nd edition?

Hi! My wife has unearthed a wad of press cuttings. Do we have an archivist who would like them? Originals (fragile) or scanned? Some I wrote!! They are: TES 20.5.77 State Boarding Schools on the way out? TES 13.5.7a7 State Boarding Party sails on Westminster Surrey Herald (PJW wrote) 1966 Lions Skipper was educated at Ottershaw ??? Schoolboys turn bricklayers (about refurbishing Brook Hall) Surrey Herald (PJW wrote) 1966 Headmaster's Plea for Boarding Schools (1966, speech day) Surrey Herald (PJW wrote) 1966 Three weeks' unpaid labour (about work experience on the Surrey Herald) ??? A Labour of Love for the Boys of Ottershaw School (about work on the Brook Hall) ??? Boys save school £100 (about Chris Horn and Roger Chesher rewiring the stage lighting!) Peter White OT 658

Yes Please

If you still have the cuttings please can you contact me - I am in contact with Roger Chesher and he woudl love to see those cuttings - Thanks Josh Lovegrove