Reinventing the Toye

I have recently had problems with my two young children who keep distracting each other whilst doing their homework. They tend to share a large desk but cannot resist pulling faces at each other and generally getting on each others wick. Then I remembered the Toye rooms from school - and had a brainwave. I constructed a barrier which lies across the table which itself now resembles two Ottershaw toyes pushed back to back and guess what? - it works! Thanks again Ottershaw. No snippet of one's time at school is really wasted is seems!!! HELP has anyone really good photo of a Toye ? There is a photo in Misc on the Gallery

Toye picture

There is a shot of me SITTING at a toye, with other toyes all around - it's in the 'Stag' book - let me know if you want an image file..... Regards Mike

RE:Photograph of Toye

Hi try this link Sorry dont know how to hyperlink it (no proper computer studies at Ottershaw lol) you have to scroll down to the walnut room 1980. I used one of those Toyes in 1978. Regards Richard Blagrove OTT 624