Anyone know the whereabouts of Chris Skidmore ot417?


A few years ago now, I heard from another Old Boy, that Chris Skidmore was in some way involved with an outside catering contract at the Royal Albert Hall. Unfortunately, by the time I telephoned the R.A.H for more information, the trail had already gone cold. Ultimately, the enquiries team were unable to help with tracing the origin of this connection, or his whereabouts. As an aside, it is rather odd that after over 60 years, I should still remember his home address - 8 Hood Road, Wimbledon, S.W.20. 

I doubt whether this is the correct place to record this, but the following incident, involving Chris, ocurred prior to the annual Inter-House Cross Country Competition, (c.1955) For several mornings, Chris and I had decided to get up very early, leaving everyone else asleep in the dormnitory. The purpose of this highly unusual - if not 'illegal' act, was to run the shorter School cross country course. We duly returned in time to shower, and still turn up to perform the normal House Squad duties before breakfast, with no-one being any the wiser.

On the day of the event, Chris and I had made good progress almost to the finish.  However, between West House and 'Woodwinds', in the final few yards of the uphill finish on the bridge over The Drive, Chris started to flag, As the gradient began to torture our already tired legs, I turned to see the red vest of a West House competitor not far behind us. Despite my pleading and encouragement, Chris could make no faster progress. I turned again, and seeing the red vest looming large, I deserted my friend to secure an East House position.

To this very day, I am still haunted by the dilemma, and my conscience wonders if A.E.F would ever have approved of this action, or whether he might have judged that first loyalty is to a friend, leaving second to the cause.

With hindsight, I also wonder what he would have made of our early morning escapades, had he ever found out! Bertie.