So what do you think?

Well we have now had a little time to read and digest this book but as yet I have seen no comments posted anywhere about it - There is no doubt at all that a huge amount of time and work went into producing it and also there is also no doubt that it provides a very interesting and extreemly valuable addition to the history of the School; but to see or hear such a dearth of views or comment about it does seem a little strange. Is it too soon to comment? Has anyone else read it yet? Perhaps this thread may start things going. I will of course be adding my comments soon but would be most interested in the meantime in knowing what others think of it - even if just an early opinion.

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Very good -so far, I am reading avidly. Oh the memories............... Charles Merrett

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Well reading this book takes me back. Shooting 303 rifles,driving a chieftan tank,learning to drive a 4 ton truck,building the great white way, fendind off a beligerant goat, the items go on and on........... What would the Health & Safety officer, child safety officer and other organ's of the Nanny State have to say. One thing that sprang to mind is there is a saying in modern life - 'Get a Life' - well I did and learnt how to live it. Thanks Ottershaw. There are two distinct areas, the Foot years and the Dodds ones. Although distintly different, both Heads chose to teach the WHOLE child to learn and live. Charles

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\\\\\\\"Run Like a Stag\\\\\\\" is a totally magnificent achievement - a very comprehensive & well illustrated reference book of life at Ottershaw. Dennis Williams has done an enormous service to the memory of the School & I salute him, & the contributors to this book. The value of it way exceeds the sale price.


An excellent publication often wrongly referred to as "By Dennis Williams" as it was a collaborative work compiled and edited by him.