Where is John Wilby 783

If anyone knows of a contact address or email for John Wilby (North) please can they let me know. The family of a former close friend of his would like some informaiton that he has. I can be contacted on joshintheuk"at"onetel.com (please replace the "at" with the normal symbol as I have changed this to stop my address being used for spam.

RE: Where is John Wilby 783 Urgent

If John himself reads this please could he contact Tanya in Canada.

Sad News

It now looks as if our search for John has been in vain. It would appear from the local press and govt records that John sadly died in the Bristol area some years ago.

John Wilby

Are you talking about John Hedley Wilby?

We think it was John Hedley

We think it was John Hedley Wilby but understand a person of that name died in Bristol some years ago and have assumed that is the same person from Ottershaw. If however that assumption is not corrent we would be pleased to know.

John WIlby

Sadly we now know that it was John Wilby from Ottershaw who had died in 2004.