Known Deaths

Below is a list of people from Ottershaw School who are known to have died:

N.B.  OT is from the the first intake in 1948 to 1967 then OTT is from 1967 to 1979, i.e. the last intake.

We know that everyone in reality was given an OTT number but the society uses the above convention to help identify people with the same number from the early and later times of the school more easily.

OLD BOYS OT 14 Campbell-Lamerton Michael East
  OT 16 Holliday D.J. West
  OT 20 Stoner John West
  OT 31 Hislop Iain West
  OT 33 Allonby Gordon East
  OT 44 Glucksman Peter West
  OT 50 Welfare Barry West
  OT 78 Montgomery Ronald West
  OT 90 Burch Glynn  West
  OT 96 Chapman Robert North
  OT 97 Collingridge B.J North
  OT 99 Cross Michael North
  OT 115 Williams Dennis West
  OT 116 Winter Leslie North
  OT 123 Page Roger North
  OT 127 Holland Tony North
  OT 131 Barker W.J North
  OT 136 Aldridge Howard West
  OT 172 West Barry North
  OT 183 Baxter Ian North
  OT 187 Rossiter Reginald East
  OT 204 Collins John O.B.E West
  OT 223 Campbell Purves-Hume  Ian West
  OT 249 Alderson David East
  OT 257 Steer Mark East
  OT 261 Howorth Michael East
  OT 263 Whitfield Anthony West
  OT 270 Payne Dudley North
  OT 276 Gale Charles East
  OT 279 Huth Tim East
  OT 290 Benson Chris West
  OT 282 David Noaks West
  OT 292 Black David West
  OT 314 Mann Neville West
  OT 324 Williams Chris West
  OT 348 Guy Robert North
  OT 354 Johnson Peter East
  OT 368 Wicks Michael West
  OT 387 Bassett Derek  North
  OT 398 Gohrt Nicholas East
  OT 409 Moon Mike North
  OT 414 Robertson Graeme North
  OT 419 Surbey Tony North
  OT 422 Woodcock John North
  OT 459 Lee Roger North
  OT 482 Beddoe Michael West
  OT 509 Taylor Ralph West
  OT 532 Frost Michael East
  OT 592 Rowell Peter West
  OT 693 Pesikaka Tim North
  OT 721 Dixon Tom West
  OT 764 Lewis Tom North
  OT 783 Wilby John North
  OT 821 Turner David North
  OT 847 Greig Lindsey West
  OT 876 Webster Neil East
  OT 882 King Roger North
  OT 899 Crichton Stuart West
  OT 926 Whyte Douglas West
  OT 978 Penn Crawford North
  OTT 34 Atkinson Julian West
  OTT 109 Turner Andrew North
  OTT 115 Zmitrowicz Peter West
  OTT 386 Bush-Nelson Rowland North
  OTT 437 Fusco Peter East
  OTT 474 Robinson Peter East
STAFF   Burrow Harry  
    Candlin  Richard   
    Cunningham, Peter  
    Curtis Peter  
    Derrick John  
    Dodds Allan  
    Douglas Norman Keih  
    Hall Denys  
    Kennedy Thomas  
    Marjoribanks R  
    Oecken John  
    Oettinger A A  
    Pfeuti Paul  
    Sharpe Harry  
    Stubbs Brian  
    Veal CA J  
    White Ralph  
    Wigram Mark  
OTHERS   Blowers C.B.E A  
    Dedman Eric  
    Derrick Mrs M  
    Foot Judith  
    Pink Mrs D B  
    Tyas Richard  
    Weston Nina  
    Wigram Mrs T  
    Willis Gill