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Allan Dodds:      Click here to record memories of Ottershaw's second headmaster.


Old Boys' Groups:

       The 1960s Old Boys Group  - A group of 60s Old Boys who meet annually in July.

       Sixth School - Boys mainly from the Dodds era who meet once a year in London.


Other Links:

Motorbiking Days - An article by Malcolm McDougall

Photos of the 2016 Mansion visit can be viewed from here.

Members can view photos from the 2016 AGM from here

Roger Neill (North) has posted two new pictures from 1967 here

Thanks to member Peter White the first editions of the OSOBS newletter (1967&1968) are now available for members to view in the Gazette Library - please visit our Members Area to view. We expect to be able to add more editions soon!

Thanks to Andrew Goolding we now have access to the material posted on the first OSOBS website. To view it please click here but please be aware it is read only so you will not be able to add new material. To make comments please the current forum.

Some interesting winter shots of the mansion are here

A book of the history of Ottershaw Park by John Athersuch is available from here

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Archived Pages
    The 2016 Williams Luncheon photos
    The School Cap
    The School Scarf
    OTT 23

Obituraries and appreciations etc
    Lindsey Greg OT 847 West
    Thomas Fillans Kennedy​
    Dennis Williams
    Howard Aldridge


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