Construction of Cricket Pavillion.

I remember being part of the team building the pavillion under the direction of the Woodwork/Metalwork Master (can't remember his name). Once the foundations and outer ring wall were built we had to tamp down the rubble (before the oversite was laid) with homemade 'Tampers'. These were heavey baulks of tree/logs with an iron pipe or rod passed through the top to provide a handle each side. I also believe that the clock in the roof was a 'Slave clock' run from an actual clock inside the building which had been made by boys in Metalwork classes during school time. Lastly, when the Pavillion was completed,I became the First Boy to make tea and serve cakes & sandwiches to both the School First 11 and visiting Teams. The foodstuffs were collected from the School kitchens, but I made the Tea and washed up afterwards in the little kitchen! Richard Julian


worked on it during summer holidays,master was oettinger i think,of west house

The name Oettinger is correct

The name Oettinger is correct but he was the North House Housemaster.


i also gave up my holiday to build the pavilion,and oettinger was west house teacher,and metal work master

Yes Mr Oettinger was the

Yes Mr Oettinger was the metal work teacher but he was house master of North - Harry Burrow headed West House.