Run Like A Stag

Run Like a Stag

Run Like A Stag; is the title of the book depicting the history of Ottershaw School. It was published in 2008 and has since received wide acclaim from Old Boys, teachers and friends of the school.

Complete with over 350 pages of text, photos and illustrations “Run like a Stag” takes the reader from the foundation of the school in 1948 to its premature closure in 1980. It deals with the origins of the school with Arthur Foot as headmaster through the generations of masters and boys to the headmastership of Alan Dodds and the eventual closure of the school. The book contains a wealth of excellent photographic records and comprehensive descriptions of the school’s history, its masters, its culture and academic and sporting achievements. No doubt all Ottershaw old boys will treasure this precious volume, if only to see their own name under the pupils listed at the conclusion of the book! This superb memento of days gone by is priced at £25.00 including postage and packaging in the UK. Postage abroad will be extra - please enquire for a quote. You should buy now while stocks of the first print run last. Subsequent print runs will be more costly!

At the Thanksgiving Service for the School, held on 5 July 1980, Mr Dodds used as the text for the service a quotation from Robert Herrick's poem, Meditation on Death, 'Nor would I care how short it were, if good' 'It was written', he said, 'in the 17th century at a time when life expectancy was short, and death a constant reminder of the fragility of life. Nowadays, the death of someone in the prime of life or even earlier, is sufficiently unusual to cause us to question the workings of providence and to lament the tragic loss of such potential and the sense of unfinished business. And so today similar feelings must be in our minds as we gather to give thanks for our School...' Mr Dodds concluding words were, 'Nor would I care how short it were, if good. It has been good, very good'. Apt words indeed. Reflect upon them as you read, 'Run like a Stag', The Story of Ottershaw School.

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