Using the OSOBS Forum

How to log in or register to use our forum:

Anyone who wants to make postings on our forum needs to be either a member of the society, or an old boy, or have registered as a person able to make postings. (See link at foot of this page to register).

All Ottershaw School Old Boys, whether members or not, are already registered for our forum and should click here for more information on how to access to special features.

If not an old boy, in order to register you need to provide a username and a valid email address so we can verify that you are a genuine person.

You do not have to be registered or logged in to browse the forum or view most of the rest of the site, nor do you have to be a member of the Society to register for the forum.

Once your registration is approved you will be notified by email and provided with a link which will allow you to complete your registration and add a password to your account. From then on you will be able to create or add content to the threads on our forum.

If a member, your email will be added to our Directory which can only be accessed my other members of the Society.

If not a member your email address will not be published anywhere on the site but may be used by the web manager to contact you for example if we have a problem with your post.

If your application appears to be "spam" related or somehow not genuine no further action will be taken on your application.

If you wish to remain anonymous you can register with any username you like –  but should you do so, perhaps the content of your posting will lose much of its relevance if others do not know who has made it!  In addition, if you supply a name or email address which does not seem to be genuine your application may be regarded as spam and then no further action will be taken. If in doubt, please contact our IT manager by clicking here  .

The rules and conditions for use of the forum are simple.

  •   Anyone can apply to register to make a post on our forum.
  •   Posts must be relevant to Ottershaw School or to those who worked or who attended there.
  •   Posts should be in plain language and not be offensive or abusive.
  •   Posts must not contain any material which could lead to legal action.

If our moderator considers the content of posts to be inflammatory, or not in keeping with the ideals of the Society, material may be passed back to the author for modification or in extreme circumstances will be simply removed from the site.

Any person making persistent abusive or offensive posts will have their account blocked from the forum.

Please note - As we get so many attempted spam postings, our moderator will normally ignore all registration applications which appear to be either not genuine or computer generated. If however you are a genuine person and your application does not get quickly approved, then please contact us and explain who you are and why you wish to use the site. Our moderator will then review the decision made regarding your application. All details from suspicious applications will be completely removed from the site.

The site is funded by the Ottershaw School Old Boys Society (OSOBS) but always has been and still is open to all people who have an interest in the history of Ottershaw School.  If you like what you see here why not join us and become a member of our society or apply to make a comment on our forum.

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