The Ottershaw School Old Boys' Society (OSOBS) Website:

The site has been created for anyone who went to or has an interest in Ottershaw School which opened 1948 and closed 1980 - A brief history of the school is available here.

This website is financed and organised by the Ottershaw School Old Boys Society  - OSOBS - but you don't have to be a member of the society to use it or contribute although perhaps after browsing it you may wish to join us and more about the society can be found here.  We welcome comments and contributions from anyone who has had any sort of connection with the school - please feel free to post a comment on our forum or picture in our gallery and please let us have your views on making our site better.

All Old Boys have access to our forums. In addition all paid up Members of the society have automatic access to our “Members Only” pages and also are able to make comments on our forum without further registration.

In order to access these additional facilities, you will need to log onto the site.

All Old Boys have been given a unique username which is their surname000 where “surname” is your surname and the “000” = your school number to three characters – i.e if you were OTT 78 and your name was Smith your user name is smith078 – the username is not case sensitive.

All old boys and OSOBS members have been given an initial password of mansion which should be used when you first use the site. Once you have logged in you will have the option to change the password to something of your choosing .To do so you need to access  "Manage Account" which is towards the bottom of the right hand side of the home page.

For associate members and staff, the username is your surname + your first initial + 000, So if you are John Davies your username will be daviesj000. Your password is headmaster but you can change this later if you wish.

​If you had already signed up to our forum using a different username, you may find that has now been edited to the above format although you should try your old username first to see if it is still active.

The new pages for members can be viewed from here

If you have any problems with any of the above, please contact the IT manager for assistance

​You can see an entry in Wkipedia about the school by clicking here.