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Do you remember Tim Pesikaka?

If you were at Ottershaw at the same time as Tim Pesikaka you will no doubt remember him – if only because he was the only visibly disabled person attending at the time. Hopefully though you will remember a bright and ambitious young man who refused to let his disability stop him from succeeding in a wide range of activities. Sadly Tim died a few years ago and now his daughter is trying to write a book about his life and desperately needs material to accomplish this task. Tim’s days at Ottershaw are very important in this project and so the appeal is for any boys or teachers who remember Tim and can add insight into his days at school to get in touch. Also if anyone has pictures featuring Tim (we already have most of the long school photos) a scanned copy of those with some explanation as to the circumstances would be very much appreciated. Please email me at joshinspain”at” if you think you can help or know of anyone else who might be able to help. My email has been disguised to help avoid spam but you will soon work out how to use it. Of course you could also add your comments to this message thread.


TIM Pesikaka

I was at school with Tim, he was in the 3rd yera when I was a new boy. So most of what I remember is on the negative side because there was s strong order of hierarchy in those days. a first year could speak to a second year but only speak to a third year if spoken to. I remember he wanted to sell a film developing can, when he was explaining it to me I must have somehow shown some interest . The next thing was he appeared and forced me to buy the thing which I dd not really want. He was just doing what all 3rd year boys did, he was not a bad guy. The most vivid memory of him was in the interhouse swimming competition. He swam the most perfect Butterfly race I have ever seen. His Style was perfection personified, so Dolphin like, needless to say he left the others far behind and won the race easily. Not much else to say but all in all he was personable and if you took away the difference in years he would quite possibly have been a friend, but being 2 years my senior that was actually impossible. Regards, David Vincent

Posted by vincent875 on 02/02/2011 09:31