Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society



OSOBS maintains a collection of all kinds of Ottershaw School memorabilia and we hope to feature many of the items on this web site in the near future. If you have any Ottershaw School memorabilia and would like to donate it to OSOBS then please send it to our archivist Malcolm Alison - you can contact him by using this link.

In particular we would like copies of OWN or Acorn to feature in our library. Also if you have copies of The Gazette other than those already in our Gazette Library we would be most intetested in having copies of those. As yet we do not have a copy of a Buff Card which we would like to feature.

You do not have to send us paper copy as scans in pdf or jpg format will do just fine.

The society now owns a special overhead scanner which is able to copy books and documents very easily without the need to de-staple or bend back pages. If you have any items you would like scanned for our archive, please use the link below to contact the IT manager

For any queries on how best to copy documents please click here to contact our IT manager.



The Ottershaw Plate

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OTT 23

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A school cap

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School scarf

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