Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

Recent searches

This page contains searches for Old Boys which either are, or have been on our  home page but which so far have not been successful.
Please contact us if you are able to help or know more.

Josh Lovegrove (OT812 - North)
 would like to contact in Spain  ,OTT57 Richard Wilson - West

Nick Roberts (OT695 - North)
is trying to locate several old friends,  OT674 Sean Fetherstonhaugh - North , OT682 Peter Hill - North, OT756 Tim Hill - North, OT692 Chris Palmer - East,OT665 Andrew Brander - North, OT620 Dave Edwards - North, OT 734 Roy Parkinson - West

Roger Chesher (OT666 - North)
is trying to locate   OT807 Richard Jennings - East

Pete Neve (OT644  - North)
is trying to locate,  OT648 Peter Ridley - Tulk

Alastair Johnstone  OT264
would like to contact, OT255 Andrew Sawyer - East

The OSOBS Membership secretary
is trying to regain contact with these OSOBS Members who have either moved or changed their contact details:
If you know any of them please contact the membership secretary.
OTT539 James Monoogian - West,   OT672 Richard Emberson - East,   OTT230 Mark Wade - Tulk,   OT 461 George Luck - North,

We have also been asked to look for the following Old Boys - do you know where they are?
OT843 Paul Bianco - West  OTT286 Timothy Thornton - East

The membership secretary is trying to locate a number of members who have not responded to recent attempts to comunicate with them.
Have they changed address? - and do you know how we can reach them?
Click here to see those we seek.