Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

Website History


Domain Change History

The OSOBS web site has been in existence since 2001.

We have two domain names registered, AND  both of these names now point to this website.

The first OSOBS site was designed and run by Old Boy Andrew Goolding (West House) of ALGL Internet However the material from this site is still available to view - click here to view the contents.

An archived but incomplete view of the entire old site can be seen at*/

The second site was implemented in May 2006 designed and run by Old Boy Greg Kendall (North House) of Kendall Internet.

Since Greg religuished his role due to pressure of work, Mike King of (now of GIR Project Management) designed a new site which ran from 2011 until 2018.

In 2017 there was a need to include more security into the site for members' details and we wanted a more interactive directory. Our then development company was unable to take on the work needed and so the site was again rebuilt from scratch to a more modern appearance and incorporating several new features by The Web Workshop of Devon. The new site first came on line in May 2018 and development continued until June 2018. 

We aim to regularly review and modify the contant of the web and will add more pages and information as and when we receive suitable material. If you think of something more we could do to improve our website or services, please let us know by contacting the IT Manager