Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

The 1960s Old Boys' Group

The 1960s Old Boys' Group started in 2010 when a few North House Old Boys who were at the school in the 1960s got in contact after some 40 years.

The first meeting was quickly nicknamed "Oetts Boys" as all were from North House. We enjoyed a wonderfull summer afternoon and early evening chatting and recalling events of our school days and generally catching up with what we have all been doing since our school days. It was such good fun we decided to try and repeat the event on an annual basis. Those attending that first meeting are pictured below and were: Nick Parsons,  Roger King,  Khalil Lawry,  Jonathan Lovegrove,  David Turner,  Nick Roberts and Garry King.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2010

In our second year we met again at the White Hart at Godstone and the following people pictured below attended:

John Chapman OT 841, John Burrow OT 749, Roger Chesher OT 666, Roger King OT 882, Khalil Lawry OT 762, Nigel Coulson-Stevens OT 842, Nick Parsons OT 771, David Turner OT 821, Nick Roberts OT 695, David Smith OT 831 & Jonathan Lovegrove OT 812

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2011

By our third year our numbers had increased to include people from all houses and this particlar year we met at The Castle in Ottershaw. We also enjoyed a visit to the old school at the invitation of one of the residents at the mansion -  those in the the picture below formed part of our group but some people did not arrive in time to visit the mansion but those who met up that year included

Malcolm Alison, Geoff Ashcroft, Nicholas Bennette, Colin Blowers, Byron Bogowski, John Burrow, John Chapman, Peter Gay, Gary King, Roger King, Khalil Lawry, Jonathan Lovegrove, Nick Roberts, David Robertson, John Shillito, Brian Stahelin, David Turner, Stephen Turner and Tony Walker.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2012

In 2013, our fourth year several of our original people were unable to make it but several new faces arrived - those who turned out at the White Hart in Godstone were:

Malcolm Alison, Peter Gay, Khalil Lawry, Stephen Turner, Byron Bogowski, Richard May, Colin Blowers, Pat Gibbon, Nick Roberts, Gary King, John Chapman, John Burrow, Nick Parsons, David Turner and his wife Eleanor, Roger King and myself, Josh Lovegrove.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2013

Our fifth meeting was on Thursday 17th July again at The Castle in Ottershaw.

This venue had been used two years ago and was regarded as highly suitable. Despite all our planning the day almost ended in disaster as there were so many delays on the motorways due to accidents that several people arrived more than an hour late and one was not able to get there until almost 6pm.

Despite the delays, we all soon settled down to an afternoon of fun and chat. The day was perfect again – so most of our time was spend outside. We were lucky to have Graham Reynolds with us who although an old boy was not of our era but he was certainly a member of staff of our era. It was clear the he enjoyed the day immensely and many recalled the PE and Geography classes he took – he even brought along his copy of the “Sketch Map Geography” which so many of us remembered from our school days.  He also brought some photos of various activities, some of which will appear soon in the Gazette and on the website.

Our thanks must of course go to John Burrow for arranging sandwiches for us. Thanks also to those who arranged lifts etc for those unable to travel my themselves and to those who introduced more people to our group.

Those who attended were:

David. Turner(821). Ewen Summers(702), Nicholas Bennette(830), Roger Chesher(666),Malcolm Alison(742), John Chapman(841), Khalil Lawry(762), Brian Stahelin(819), John Burrow(749), Nick Roberts(695), Stephen Turner(922), Colin Blowers(947), David Robertson(590), Josh Lovegrove(812), Rick May(931), Graham Reynolds(47), Byron Bogawski(793) and Pat Gibbon ( 676).

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2014

Alas Ricky May turned up too late to be included in the group photo but his picture does feature elsewhere.

Our sixth meeting took place at The Castle in Ottershaw on Friday 17th July 2015 - alas a number of our regulars were unable to attend but we did see several new faces and so our group eventually numbered 16 - a really good turnout

Thanks to the OSOBS footing the bill, and John Burrow arranging things, we all enjoyed a buffet lunch and one again the weather was kind to us.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2015

Those who attended were:

Nigel Haig-Brown, Dennis Pockock, Malcolm Alison, John Chapman, Peter Gay, Khalil Lawry, Colin Blowers, Andre Scruton, Byron Bogowski, John Burrow, Pat Gibbon, John Young, Peter Mackey, Stephen Turner, Richard May & Josh Lovegrove

On July 15th 2016 we met for the seventh time - again at The Castle in Otteshaw.

In the photo below taken by Colin Blowers, from left to right are John Chapman, Dudly Dixon, John Young, Stephen Turner, Kalil Lawry, John Burrow, Pat Gibbon, David Turner, Richard May, Josh Lovegrove, Andre Scruton and Colin Blowers. Arriving too late to be in the group photo was regular attendee Dennis Pocock. Also there was David Turner’s wife Eleanor and Josh’s two daughters Eva and Ana Lovegrove who had been forced to come along due to other family commitments back in Spain.

Our thanks once again to John Burrow for arranging the venue and the food and to OCOBS for footing the bill for the buffet.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2016

The 27th July 2017 saw us at our 8th meeting, once again at The Castle in Ottershaw. This time the event had been arranged by Khalil Lawry and John Burrow and attracted a record 22 people - of which four attended for the first time ever. The weather was not quite so kind to us as in previous year but it did not stop everyone having a great time. We were saddend about the death ealier in the year of one of our founder members, Roger King, and glasses were raised in his memory.

Those attending were from left to right  - Khalil Lawry, Brian Stahelin, the photographer.s daughter, Geoff Ashcroft, John Burrow, Richard May, Robin Whyte, David Robertson,  John Young, Josh Lovegrove, Bryan Bogowski, Dennis Pocock, Peter Mackay, Pat Gibbon, Nigel Ford, Kevin Harris, Brian Cockerill, Rob Ashcroft, John Chapman, Stephen Turner and Nicholas Bennette. Missing from the picture is Nick Roberts who had to leave earlier.

The 1960s Old Boys' Group 2017

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