Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

Still Missing

We urgently need to contact the following Old Boys.
They were all members but we have been unable to contact them.

OT 175 Clifford Chapman East              OT 461 George Luck North                OT 539 James Monoogian West
OT 672 Richard Emberson East             OT 980 Michael Pleasance East      OTT 48 Andrew Simmons West
OTT 175 Marcus Henke Tulk                  OTT 233 Clive Morris West               OTT 272 Steven Payne West
OTT 308 Gavin Drake North                   OTT 388 John Denton West              OTT 431 Mark Collins West
OTT 524 Leslie Luker East                        OTT 533 Alec Prentice West             OTT 549 Russell Shrimplin Tulk
OTT 564 Robert Butler East                    OTT 679 Chris Cowan West

If you know how we might contact any of them please inform the Membership Secretary