Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

Old Boy Location Service


The Old Boys Location Service seeks to help members of OSOBS get in touch with former friends or collegues from the School.

To the left you can see who is looking for who - the same appears on our home page and some of our other pages.

You can click here to see recent  searches which so far have not been successful.

You  should be a members to ask for a search but those you are seek do not need to be members. In some special circumstances we will offer to post a search for a non-member.

Anyone can read our appeals for help and anyone,  even if not a member, can use our contact form to advise if they are able to help with one of our searches.

Before any search is posted, it needs to be approved by the site moderator to ensure we are not trying to find someone known to have died or a non-existent person. Our moderator will also check the seeker is an OSOBS member.  Non-members wanting to use the service will normally be invited to join the society.

If you think you can help with one of the searches, please use the contact form or contact one of the people listed on The Society page to advise our staff who will then pass on the relevent information to the person concerned. 

To create a search, please click here to advise the IT Manager and be sure to give your own details and as much detail as you can about the people you are searching for.

However, do check the Interactive Directory first just in case we already hold details for the person you are seeking!