Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

The Surrey Lunch Group

Every five weeks (plus one day), an informal lunch is organised for Old Boys who mainly live in the Woking/Guildford/Godalming areas.  There are none in July, August or November.  This avoids holidays and a clash with the AGM.

The reason they are spaced out in this way is because some attendees play golf or have another commitment on the same day every week or have commitments that take them out of circulation for a whole week.  The regular attendees are used to this pattern and can work out the dates in advance.

If any Old Boy not already on the lunch list would like to be included in future circulations, they need only click here to drop an email to Tony Forward (OT278).


10 January 2019 at The Beefeater, Parkway, Guildford.
The regular West Surrey OSOBS lunch was held attended by 15 members, as shown in the photo above.

Present, from left to write were: Messrs. OT464 (E) Nagle, 299 (N) Dungate, 410 (N) Morley, 254 (W) Cope, 170 (N) Trevett, 103 (W)Holroyd, 934 (N) Young, 347 (N) Evans, 278 (E) Forward, 330 (E) Palmer, 129 (N) Pope, 309 (N) Jee, 104 (W) Jones, 742 (W) Alison and OTT 365 (W) Olney.

It was an enjoyable occasion with many school memories re-visited, beer and wine consumed and jokes told by 5 members in their 80’s, 1 in is his 50’s and the remainder somewhere in between. The school numbers will provide a clue!



3 Sept 18

At The Beafeater, Parkway, Guildford  - 3 September 2018 .
Left side from front to back ;  OT278 Forward, 299 Dungate, 410 Morley, 103 Holroyd, 170 Trevett.
Right side front to back: OT 104 D. Jones, P. Jones, 251 Buckley, 343 Bywaters, 330 Palmer.


14 May 18

14 May at The Manor Inn in Godalming.
Left to right:  David Jones OT265,Roger Holroyd OT103, Seth Jee OT309, Angus Palmer OT330, Bertie Bassett OT387, David Hibbert OT350, Terry Nagle OT464, Tony Forward OT278, Tom Bywaters OT343, David Evans OT347 and Peter Trevett OT170



15 Sept 17

At The Royal Oak, Pirbright on 18 September 2017
Left to right:  OT347 Evans, OT129 Pope, OT299 Dungate, OT170 Trevett, OT350 Hibbert, OT103 Holroyd, OT410 Morley,  OT104  D Jones, OT934 Young, OT278 Forward,  OT343 Bywaters, and OT282 Nokes.


Christmas 2016

Our Christmas get together in 2016
Standing L to R: David Dungate, Wally Pope, Roger Holroyd, David Jones, Tony Forward, Michael Morley and Anthony Delwiche
Below and seated L to R: Michael Carter, Peter Jones and Michael Bywaters