Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society



Firstly a very warm welcome to the website of the Ottershaw School Old Boys' Society (OSOBS).

This website has been created for anyone who went to, or has an interest in, Ottershaw School which opened 1948 and closed 1980. The site was commissioned and paid for, and is run by the members of the Society.

You don't have to be an OSOBS  member to access most of the material on this website although perhaps if you are an Old Boy or member of staff, after browsing, you may wish to consider joining us!  

If this is your first time on our new website you will be pleased to know that we have kept everything from the older version - but have also added much more!  We hope it will still feel familiar to you but be easier to navigate and use.

We have added many more pictures from Old Boys' events but are sure many of you will have more which we would love to feature. If you think you have something of interest, please contact our IT Manager who will be very pleased to hear from you.

Every Old Boy who went to the School has access to our forums and can make comments there without further registration. In addition all paid up members of OSOBS have automatic access to our “Members Only” pages and receive our bi-annual Newsletter called The Gazette. However in order to access these additional facilities, you will need to log onto the site.

Click here to see how your account will work and how to log in.