Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society
Ottershaw School Old Boys’ Society

How to Login

All Ottershaw School Old Boys have access to our Forum and can make comments without further registration.
 Every pupil who ever attended the school has an account!

Paid up members of the Society additionally have automatic access to our special Members' Area pages.
Member Only pages are only available once you have logged into the system with a valid and paid up member account. If subs are due you will be redirected to an information page which explains what you need to do next.

Please note slight changes to instructions from our older site:

All Old Boys have been given a unique username which is their surname+school number.  So if you are OTT 78 and your name is Smith, your user name is smith78  (all lower case) 

For associate members and staff, the username is your surname + your first initial + 000, so if you are John Davies your username will be daviesj000.  Some people have used our older system of usernames which had surname000 where the number was always to three digits. This is no longer the case but if you are unable to access our site using the details you had before please contact the IT Manager who will sort things out for you.

All members have been sent a new initial password by email -  you will be able to change it to something more personal when you first log in. If you did not receive an email in early May about your account and giving you your password, then you will need to contact our Membership Secretary or IT Manager ASAP. They will supply you with your account details.

Old Boys who are not members of the society have an initial password of mansion which should be used when wishing to make comments on the forum. If they wish then to use any member only facilities they will be invited to sign up to become a member of the society


How to change your password or other details:

1)  First log in using the Login tab at the head of the page.

2) If your login is successful you will  see  Members' Area appear on the main menu

3) Select Members' Area and then click on My Account

4) Check and if needed update any details we hold about you.

5) Change your password to something you will remember.

6) If you wish you can add 'then' and 'now' photos so people can recognised you.

7) Then don't forget to Save your details before leaving the page.

If you prefer not to put certain things onto the form you can always email our Membership Secretary or IT Manager with those details and one of them will update your records for you in the way you wish.

To have instructions always at hand, download our Special Gazette from here.

If you have any problems with any of the above, please contact the IT manager for assistance.