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The Ottershaw School Old Boys' Society (OSOBS)

Ottershaw School was a unique institution and existed from 1948 to 1980. During that time all boys leaving the school were invited to become life Members of an Old Boys Society on payment of £1.

Over time however, the Ottershaw School Old Boys Society became a more active organisation. It began to need an income but the initial £1 payments that had been made could not sustain any form of active venture. Eventually the society decided to have an annual subscription which at first was £3, then rose to £5 and finally from the early 1990s this was raised to the current level of £15. Additionally now life membership is available for £100.

The main aim of OSOBS is to provide the means for Old Boys from the school to keep in contact with each other and to pass on news and information which may be of interest to all people who were associated with the school during its existence. The Society also aims to try and provide help for old boys who require assistance in some way.

The Society now has around 350 paid up members, including honorary members (former staff and other people associated with the school) and represents about 20% of the boys who went to Ottershaw during its comparatively short life.

Membership allows people to receive two newsletter publications -The Gazette - each year. We also maintain an online Members Directory. Gazettes in more recent times have been circulated via email which saves on printing costs and allows for full colour although for those who do not have an email address, a limited number of black and white printed copies are still produced and circulated.

In May 2018,  changes to UK Data Protection laws meant that in order for the society to retain  details of our members, the members have to give permission for the Society to keep such information. As a result, for all new members we ask for that consent on our application form, but for those who are already members, we have asked them to provide such consent. Alas we have been unable to contact all our members and as a consequence there may be some people who have become "locked out" of our system of notificaitons. If you believe that has applied to you, please contact our Membership Secretary using this e-mail link.

OSOBS members are scattered all over the world including places such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, China, plus in Europe we have members in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus. For those old boys who travel, if a member and armed with an OSOBS Directory which members can download from this site, there is often an Old Boy they can look up and visit.

The first post of President was an honorary one filled by the founding Headmaster, Arthur Foot followed by Allan Dodds, but since the late 1960s, early 1970s the President has been an Old Boy. The first of these was Jeremy Burbidge followed by 1973-76 Tony Forward, Ian Hislop 1976-92, Tony Forward 1992-98, Dennis Williams 1998-2005, John Furlonger who is both an Old Boy and former master from 2005 to 2010, and more recently and currently Peter Jones.

The only formal function organised by OSOBS is the Annual General Meeting which is held in November. The meeting is followed by a lunch or dinner when there is an opportunity to meet with friends and talk over food and drink. However, at various time in the year members organise a range of other activities and these are normally advertised on this website and in The Gazette. You will find links to those groups under Old Boy Groups at the top of this page.

Other less formal meetings are arranged by the Committee, or by individual Old Boys, and may be for a lunch, a golf or simply a meeting at a pub for a drink. This web site offers an opportunity for any old boy – member or not - to advertise and help arrange and promote such get-togethers. When known about, these are advertised in The Gazette and members are invited to inform the editor of any functions they are arranging.

This web site will, we hope, be active in helping improve our membership by bringing more people together. We want it to be used by members and non members to contact each other to arrange meetings etc. and hope non members will be persuaded to join us. We think our modest subscription of £15 per annum is hardly a fortune and easily affordable by most.

The day to day business of the Society is looked after by its Officers and Committee which meets twice a year.

The President - Peter Jones

Vice President - post jointly held by Derek Basset and Dennis Pocock

The current committee consists of:
Malcolm Alison - Chairman
Malcolm Alison - (Acting) Secretary
Nigel Wright - Membership Secretary
Nicholas Bennette - Treasurer
Stephen Turner - Gazette Editor
Josh Lovegrove - IT Manager

The other committee members are;
Marian McEwan
Trevor Olney
David Dungate
Michael Carter
Anthony Delwiche
Seth Jee

The following can be contacted directly by email by clicking on the person required.
The President
The Chairman
The Treasurer
The Acting Secretary
The Membership Secretary
The Gazette editor
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